Our mission is to serve the hill tribe people of Northern Thailand. We are committed to empower individuals and communities through sustainable development, education, drug rehabilitation and leadership training. We believe everyone should have access to their basic needs including the ability to generate income sustainably, equal access to both school and home, and freedom to live without harmful dependencies.


Project:Restore is a project under The Family Connection Foundation in Chiang Mai, which is in partnership with VisionNationals, a US based NGO.


We are dedicated to serving leaders who desire to serve in their own communities. We believe in the power of love and its ability to overcome, empower and restore us to be healthy, productive and meaningful people. We believe that poverty is more than lack of money or material things; poverty affects us inwardly and outwardly. We hope that by the building and strengthen of these relationships we can work together with those in need.

General information

Project:Restore primarily works in the Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces of Northern Thailand. Project: Restore currently works with local leaders that primarily come from Karen, Lahu, and Ahka backgrounds.

To find out more
Visit our foundation website for information on each project as well as how to intern and BE involved in the change through service:

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