March- April Life Center Updates

This month there is a lot of activities going on at The Life Center. There has been so many things to keep up with! We have had to repair the water system, create a trench around the center to protect it from fire, cut the grass, plant vegetables and welcome guests! It has been very busy, but we are happy and enjoying ourselves. We have also had the opportunity to join in worship with some local churches in the area, pray, preach and visit the sick, teach bible study, and perform a wedding ceremony.

We are very excited about the our new kitchen that we have expanded to include more space to stand, and store foods. Tatumo and I still go back and forth between our home in Teamekerlah Village and The Life Center which is located just outside of Chaem Luang Village. This last month we planted Avocado, Pineapple, and Banana trees at the Life Center. We have also expanded the storefront of the cooperative shop for villagers in our revolving fund to sell their produce. We are thankful here for your prayers and support. We are praying for your continued health and God’s blessing for you and your families!

Love in Christ,

Tatupa and Tatumo

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