The Life Center September Update

This month I spent most of my time with students. I have had the opportunity to teach them every week, Monday- Friday.  On Sunday we usually go join worship with churches in our general area. This week, for example, we went to go worship at Nong Dang Church in Nong Dang village.

We had so much fun worshiping with other villagers. There were many members of the community present, we were surprised to see so many community members come worship in spite of the recent heavy rains. I had the opportunity to preach and my students performed a special song and shared testimonies for the congregation. I believe the congregation enjoyed our presence; every year we try to visit and encourage them. Because we have different students every year, there is always variety in our visits and reception. After worship, the pastor and village elders invited us to join them for a delicious and well prepared meal. On top of the great eating, villagers came by to visit and send us off with 3 bags of rice, and 100 kilos of pumpkins. We were so incredibly blessed by the kindness of the Nong Dang Church community and their great love for my students.


This month I also had the opportunity to meet with leaders of 11 churches in the Musikee area in regards to local evangelization. The event was held at The Life Center, so Tatumo and her good friend Jitramo helped prepare food. Later in the week, my students and I went to go cut grass in the rice field. Of course, we couldn’t go to the rice field without fishing! So, we spent the rest of the afternoon catching river eels in the mud terraces. We also spent time cutting grass and planting plants and vegetables at The Life Center. I am so proud of my students. After months of practicing, I am confident in their ability to both preach and share the Word of God. Sometimes we go out and practice encouraging other members of the village. Other times we go up to the mountain of prayer and spend time in worship as a group.



Please keep all of us in your prayers. We are currently in need of a projector for use in our classroom at The Life Center.

With much love and prayer,
Tatupa and Tatumo

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