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The Life Center August Update

Throughout the month of August I have had the opportunity to live with and teach the Bible to three returning students, Nikomwee, Fah and Worachai. They have excelled in the program and hope to practice what they are learning in the schools, dormitories and villages in the surrounding areas. I can already see our students gaining confidence in sharing the Word of God with others.


In recent years, we have sought to integrate sustainable economic principles and practice into our program. We are growing vegetables, herbs and engaging in small scale animal husbandry. Because this is rice cultivation season, we have spent time in my rice field. But it’s not all work! We also have fun catching river eel that make a home in the mud throughout our ricefield. My students have little prior experience in catching eels, so I jumped on the opportunity to teach them and give them some eel catching tips. One day, my students returned to The Life Center with over 1 kilo of Eel! Then, together we cooked the Eel, added spices and chilies and had a feast! Unfortunately, we don’t have too much free time, but the students are excited and have been talking about fishing eel.


The other day, I had the opportunity to go preach at MaeLaOop Church. Due to the fact the village is more remote, many in attendance came from other areas. The topic was mother’s day, and we had a gift exchange. Please continue to pray for us in our small scale sustainable agricultural initiatives, as well as the new cohort of students arriving in mid- December.

Thank you and God bless you all!

Tatupa and Tatumo