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“Talk Doesn’t Cook Rice!”

We are so thankful rain this month. The rains have allowed for the villagers to plant according to the annual cultivation period. At times, Thailand can be inconsistent in terms of when and how long the rains will fall. We are excited to watch our crop begin to grow, whether that be corn or any other produce we have planted over the month of June. With all the rain and abundance, maintaining our banana groves has kept us very busy. Due to the weather and the heavy workload, villagers must wake up very early in the morning to go out to their fields. Some villagers live fairly far away from their fields and must adjust their home life to be able to stay in their field in order to keep up with the demands of the season. Everyone is very excited and thankful for the rains, but tired at the same time.

As for our field, we have finally finished planting rice. We thank God that this year we have had no issues with rice cultivation. The color of our field has changed from yellow to lush green. My primary work has been preparing the rice field for cultivation. This month, we hosted two volunteers from America at the center. We are pleased and thankful for their great help with many things at the center, including fixing the main road. But most of all, I am excited that our two volunteers taught my wife, Nayu, some English phrases! As we get ready to move into the month of August, please continue to pray for us as we work to be a good steward of our opportunities and in our capacity to build relationships with those around us.

Love in Christ,
Witoon Daleethong



Transition is Bittersweet…

Firstly, we want to give thanks to the Lord for everything He has done this month. I am having mixed feelings as I write this update, both sad and happy. I am very happy that Jonathan has had the opportunity to return to the United States, to both grow and develop as a man. We know that he will have a wonderful time among both family and friends. His departure is bittersweet, we love him and enjoy him as one of our own. We will miss him dearly.



Second, we as a community are rejoicing regarding the rains. We have not seen rain in abundance like this in years. Thailand often has an inconsistent rainfall, leading to drought. In fact, this year was so dry that our village water supply depleted. The Bala village community had to spend 2-3 days implementing a new water system for villagers to have adequate water for their families. Farmers are taking advantage of the rains and hastily planting rice, and corn. We are very happy to see our banana and fruits trees both green, and healthy. Our center and our family miss Jonathan very much, so this is an adjustment period for us, but we must continue to press on. This week we have to cut bananas for our Chiang Mai markets. We sell bananas about 2 times a month. In June, the main task is plowing our ricefield and cutting grass. We are so thankful for the rain, and reminded that God is always on time. We are very grateful for both the prayers and support. Please continue to pray for us through this tough season of transition, for both our family and for Jonathan as he transitions back to America. God bless and keep you all.


With great love in the Lord,
Witoon Daleethong

Planters of men…

This week, I spent much of my time cutting grass at The Life Center. Due to the fact that we have so much land, it takes a while to actually cut the grass. Because it is rainy season, we have planted many kinds of fruit such as avocado, plum, and mango. We have planted flowers and continued to raise our animals. It has been raining almost everyday, so we have begun plowing our rice field for cultivation.



Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to be a guest speaker and trainer on the topic of the Christian family at a nearby church in Huay Thong Village, about 45 minutes from The Life Center. Approximately 60 people joined the seminar, and we spent time talking with each family. We had alot of fun and everyone was challenged! Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach at my home church of Nong Jet Nuay. About 300 people from our village showed up for worship. The church members were very active in the service, and we all laughed and had a wonderful time together. We could definitely feel the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the service.


Tatumo and I have been busy on our farm and at the center. Please remember us in your prayers as we plan to open up The Life Center for a special program this July. Some students from our previous program would like to spend some additional time together. So, I will be teaching the Bible, but at a little more advanced level for these students. Pray for us, as we cultivate men.

Current Needs:

At the moment, we don’t have very good chairs, so we are hoping to purchase at least 100 new chairs for The Life Center.

We are blessed to serve together! Continue to pray for us as we pray for you!

Tatupa and Tatumo