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And then came the rain…

Its June, and the villagers are preparing their lands to cultivate corn on the steep mountain sides. For those of us who have fruit trees, we are enjoying an excellent harvest of Cherries this year. They sell at market for between 7-15b per kilo. Sale from Cherries have allowed villagers to be able to make a small income in another way. At this time our bananas are not very beautiful due to the intense heat of April and May. In fact, many of our bananas burned and few trees actually toppled over under their own weight. This month we spent alot of time and money cutting grass in our field. We have many acres of land to care for, so this was a full time job for a number of days. We also have began plowing our rice fields to prepare for rice cultivation. This year, the rain has begun to fall early, so we have adjusted to the rains. Our pond and newly dug out reservoir are beginning to collect rainwater from our mountain water source.


We thank God that although this year was hotter than most, the rain came early. Villagers in our banana cooperative were excited to be able to sell our bananas, even though our bananas are not very beautiful this time of year. The villagers say that although their incomes may be low, they are glad to know they can have at least one consistent stream of income through bananas. They can use this income to help pay off the electric bill and cover monthly food expenses.

This month we have watched our rabbits grow, and our aquaponics lab thrive. We also had a chance, this past weekend, to welcome and enjoy two Interns from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia to our farm, Katie and Emily.  We are very grateful for their visit and to Abigail for connecting us!

Finally, we would like to thank God for His perfect plan. We are growing confident day by day in seeing His plan unfold. We believe that God has, and will continue to bless both our family and our neighbors around us. May God bless each and every one of you.

Witoon and Nayu