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The Life Center 2016

I cannot believe that one month has gone by since my time in America. As usually, I had a wonderful time and have returned to a busy season at The Life Center with Tatumo, Tatupa and 11 great students!


I must say that after two very frustrating years of groups, we are pleased to welcome a number of students who really are seeking direction, instruction and mentorship. In my 6 years of knowing Tatupa and Tatumo, I have never seen them more happy with their students, nor have I seen students quite as happy to be with them. I am excited to have the opportunity to both teach and live among some of the most amazing up and coming leaders I have met here in Thailand.

So, lets get to know this years group of students!

Worachai and Sombaht, two of the older students, decided to come and be mentored with Tatupa since last August. They also function as group leaders who assist Tatupa in all things, whether that is leading worship, being among the students, or carry out daily chores.

Jerry, a student from Tatupas village, was actually delivered as a baby by Tatupa. He comes from a very broken home, but has found his peace in living in Christian community among others.

Gwa, a student from the Bor Keaw area, is a quiet and reflective guy. He spends most of his time alone and has a huge crush on Tatu, Tatupa and Tatumo’s daughter. He has opened up over the last few weeks, but is still working to integrate into the group.

Wee and Guitar both come from Animist/Buddhist backgrounds. Guitar, and also Sombaht have both spent time in Temples as novices in the past. They have both started their journey into the Christian faith. Guitar is only 16 years old, and is very much his age! But Wee and Guitar are learning how to experience their faith and make it personal. I appreciate their bravery and willingness to open their hearts to something new and life changing.

Fah, Noo and Her are shy guys, I don’t yet know them too well but they both very young, helpful and always smiling. In fact, Her’s name in Karen, Nikomwe means “Smiley!” He is quite the athlete as well! Noo is attentive and helpful. Fah is young, I believe he is 18 or 19 years old.

Jah Rune, the oldest student in the group, comes from the farthest village from Tutumo and Tatupa’s center. He comes from a village about 3 hours away near the City of Mae Hong Son. He is diligent, helpful and praying to be an active member and participant in his village church, and an agriculturalist.

Finally, Toh the ONLY woman in the group is not only brave, but strong! She can survive among 10 energetic and very outgoing men. She is attentive, helpful and really desires to deepen her faith and be in Christian community.


I am so privileged to be among such wonderful men and women. Please continue to pray for us as a group and a team. Pray for guidance and direction. These men and woman are not just here to learn, but to be mentored. We may, or may not extend the time frame for the program this year. Looking forward to watch how God works!

-Jonathan Adam and your friends at The Life Center