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Be the Change that you wish to See…in His confidence…

I am done in Chiang Mai for the weekend for meetings and visa updates. Its a beautiful day here in Chiang Mai and I can not help but look around and think of what a modern and developing city that I have a privilege of visiting. But not too far from where I sit there is a row of bars, the red light district, and street merchants selling handicrafts for less than they are worth. Injustice is all around us…How can I comfortably sit here and watch the world crumble around me? You have probably felt the same way…in fact these things might cause you to want to make a change happen. I am convinced that as Christians we are called to be RADICAL, to love in a way that defies logic…In fact these are the Blessed.

-Encourage those who are poor in Spirit, because the Bible says they are the blessed of God!

– Consul those who cry, because the Bible says they are those chosen by God to be comforted!

-Uplift the weak, because the Bible says that the earth will be theirs!

– Bless those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness, they have chosen the path of suffering. The Bible says they will be filled!

– Imitate those who seek to show grace!! Because the Bible says that they will be shown mercy!

– Honor those who have a pure heart, the Bible says they will be the ones to see God!

– Follow those who strive for peace! The Bible says that they are God’s children!

– How blessed are those who are persecuted! May we be like them for the Bible say’s theirs is the kingdom of heaven!

In Matthew 5:3-10 Jesus tells us of those that God has chosen to give his kingdom, should we then strive to be anything but those who inherit his kingdom? Take a look at the people of whom God has chosen to bless!!  God desires a relationship and each of these categories are filled with needs that only a great God can fulfill…  wherever you are, whatever you have been called to do, BE RADICAL.  Jesus reminds us in John 14:12 that, “anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” Through God’s power WE can be the change that we want to SEE in the world!!!















Until next time…God bless you all,
Jonathan Adam

The Long Road Home

Last night Tatumo, Tatupa and I arrived in Chiang Mai after a 4 hour truck-ride down from Chiang Rai city through Payao and on down to Chiang Mai.  We decided to Stay in Chiang Mai for the evening to catch a breath before the long climb up to my village near Mae Hong Son Province.

Just how far away am I?? Well, to give you some idea Chiang Mai city is about 190 Kilometers(118 miles ) from Termekerlah Village where I currently live with Tatumo and Tatupa. That’s really not that far away, but would you believe that it takes around 4 hours to get there? The Mae Hong Son Loop is a famous, tremendously steep and winding road that runs through national parks, hill tribe villages and the largest Pine forest in Thailand. This long stretch of road has about 1,000 turns.  If you don’t take some medicine  before the drive your lunch might end up in your lap!

However, this 4 hour trip to Chiang Mai has been come so much a part of my ministry here. With my office in Chiang Mai and Witoon’s agriculture project in Chiang Rai I constantly have to be on the move. It’s about a 8 hour trip to go out and see Witoon !!! two mountain villages 8 hours apart, you can imagine that sometimes this gets fairly tiring! Fortunately now that things are slowing down with The Life Center, the school, and the Agriculture program at this time, I have much more time to spend in my community and much more time to spend with the people I love…here on this side of the world at least! My home is not on the road, it is not in the airplane it is not behind the wheel… I am thankful that this long road has a home, and I am so fortunate to be able to serve the wonderful people here…
Speaking of homes…did you know I am building one right here?? I’ll keep you posted!

Lastly keep me in your prayers as I push forward….

In His great love,


“I have found that there are three stages in every great work of God; first, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”

Hudson Taylor, missionary to China

Visions of Granduer…

So, just like any doors in life, curiosity pushes us to want to open a new experience. All those deep and winding words just to say I have decided to start a blog post. Hard to believe but I have never had one. Although this time I am fairly busy, with newsletters coming out every two months, I would like to find a quicker way to help you stay up to date on what my hectic or uneventful day can look like.

That’s me…on the left! and Malcolm on the right!

As I am writing this I am laying in bed on the outskirts of Chiang Rai city, sick due to the changing weather. You see this is rainy season here in Thailand. (June- October) However, unlike last year when it rained all day everyday, this year the rain falls and stops on an uneven schedule. I have heard that back in the state’s there is an extreme drought? I am not so happy to hear that, living among rural farmers here in Thailand I can definitely empathize,  I have even heard that in some places fish are dying because the water is too hot! That is hard to believe!
Today in Church a “Farang” which means foreigner came to preach. He was a guy from Canada, and he decided to preach the whole sermon in Thai…owned it. It’s always cool to see other foreigners come and share, but can you imagine the ego that can arise when someone else comes around and rocks the house? Yes! that’s right, it’s easy to struggle with comparing ourselves with others. I am reminded of Saul and David( 1 Sam 18:2)  Saul felt underhanded by David, but the truth was he was just jealous because God was with David not Saul. The people even chanted, Saul has slain his 1000’s but David has slain his 10,000’s!  imagine if you were Saul hearing that!?  This is a drastic comparison and nobody compared us, but it’s good to keep focused on what matters. Great sermon; afterwords I had a chance to talk with him, he was a nice guy, actually a bible teacher who teaches at a Christian college down in Chonburi near Bangkok.

Malcolm, Robert, and I

Malcolm, Robert, and I with Malcolm’s mother and some wonderful Karen ladies from the surrounding villages. In Malahoop Village.

In the past two weeks the two interns that had been with me for some time headed back to the states. Malcolm came in February and Robert came in May. It has been so exciting getting to know them. Both of the communities they adopted Malahoop and Ban Den have been so appreciative of their wonderful service, and I have enjoyed having them both by my side encouraging me and assisting me in my mission here as well. It’s been a difficult two weeks trying to remember what it is like to be here by myself.

“At time’s it can be lonely, everyday it is challenging. Sometimes I want to give up, but just when I think I can’t do it i’m reminded that in order to make anything happen in the world we have to move. Words are cheap, if you believe something enough you go and do it, right? I have to remember where God has brought me from, that He can and is using me. I must press on.

Continue to pray for me as I move forward. He is my Vision of Grandeur…I want to be used by a great maker to do great things, that is far more rewarding than anything else I could ever dream of doing.